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Moserbaer Crypto USB token is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI )Technology. The purpose of this technology is to manage digital keys and certificates. PKI systems can enable the use of digital signature, digital receipt, encryption and permissions management services across a wide variety of applications. PKI-based security solutions are enhanced by “something you have” technologies, providing secure storage of digital identities backed up by strong two-factor authentication.

Moserbaer Crypto USB Token is equipped with latest technology and has very high security cryptographic features like RSA 2048, SHA 512, elliptic curves which make it almost impossible for any hacker to get into it. Hence your digital signature is highly secure in Moserbaer CUT. Apart from securing Digital Signature, Moserbaer CUT can be used to secure the following

  •  Network/Application Logon

  •  E-mail Communications

  •  VPN Access (Virtual Private network)

  •  Access for Extranets & Intranets

  • On-line Banking/Stock Brokerage


·   Top Level Security 
The token’s smart card operating system with its wide range of crypto features like FIPS 140-2 – Level 3, RSA 2048, elliptic curves and SHA 2 secures almost all applications conceivable for the Crypto Token.

·    High Interoperability
Moserbaer Crypto Token is designed to suit customers’ existing IT infrastructure and is interoperable with most of the networks and operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

·    Easy to install, integrate and use
User friendly interface makes it convenient to perform all operations and Help available provides a readily available support in case in the user gets stuck somewhere. New Java Card Operating System SmartCafe Expert 6.0 enables the token to integrate further with variety of applications at any time.

·    Innovative Design and Packaging
A well designed casing with an attractive mini CD all packed together in an elite blister gives the customer a complete graceful solution.

·    Local Support
Moserbaer provides the customer with an exclusive benefit of locally available Sales Team and an on call support to address all their queries and requests immediately.

·    Replacement Warranty
Moserbaer Crypto Token comes with a 1 year replacement warranty

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